Drawing office

Our drawing office works with the latest available CAD equipment.

We can assist with the preparation of drawings or get ready drawings from you along with a DXF or 3D file. Our drawing office uses primarily SolidWorks.

All programming of our laser machines is done at our drawing office by staff with many years of experience in laser programming. As a result, we are currently programming on average about 50 new details per day year-round. This is also where we make adjustments to our own production, prepare material articles, and calculate cutting times.


The drawing office can also help you with the tenoning of your laser-cut details. This provides easy and simple assembly of details which need to be welded together. Tenoning is available for both plane laser cutting and laser cutting of tubes.

Design drawings

We produce all types of design drawings and "development drawings "for products that undergo bending.

Minimisation of wastage

We are working hard to utilise the sheet metal to the maximum, i.e. to have as little wastage/scrap as possible.

Weland is always trying to be at the cutting edge of new technology. This also applies to our software. We installed a completely new system for monitoring/reporting of material consumption in 2012.

The system allows us to easily follow the exact progress of a cutting plan, to see which detail is being cut, and how long it takes the machine to cut it.

All material reporting is done automatically, which means that all of our material balances are always updated and that we can easily monitor how much waste is generated.

Quality and environment

All stages of the production chain are subject to careful control. We work according to the ISO 9001 quality management system. We also have environmental certification according to ISO 14001.


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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting and other sheet metal working

Laser cutting; Sheet metal working; Laser cutting of plate; Laser cutting of tubes; JUMBO Tube Laser; Gas cutting; Plasma cutting; Water jet cutting; Punching; Nibbling; Panel folding; Automatic punching; Bending; Leveling; Cutting machining; Robot welding; Control measurement; Weland AB
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